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Dated: October 24 2014

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The market is changing, after the housing market collapsed it became harder to find financing amongst conventional lenders for first time buyers and the self employed. Some would-be buyers are finding that renting is the preferred way to manage their housing needs, which has created an increasing numbers of renters and a decreasing number of available apartments. This has spurred a kick to the construction and investment property industries around the city. With the bubble burst, the inflated home prices that left some people reeling in debt and or in foreclosure, seem to be finding their way back down. With home prices settling, lenders are now coming up with new creative products to help first time buyers and the self employed obtain new sources of financing. Check out these interesting articles I pinned on Pinterest: 

No more picket fences: Young adults opting to rent, Brandon Neil, left, and Stacey Bran enjoy movie night in a courtyard of The Lotus, in Fairfax, Va. - Daniel Rosenbaum for The New York Times
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MSN: U.S. student loan debt is not killing homeownership

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Housing is waking up to a new hangover
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